About Us

Arih agency creates and maintains dynamic communication. We aim at one person to hit thousands.

Since advertising - the one we used to know - died, we have to discover, and if necessary, invent new models, new ways and new thinking. It is not just about "more" efficiency, "more" targeting, "more" creativity"- there is a paradigm shift going on. We try to follow that shift - a step or two in front of it.

We don't just "know" brands. We make them. For an agency that does not develop their own brands, does not deserve your brands. Check www.wannabesociety.com for an example.

Arih has a small, versatile, highly knowledgeable and innovative team that can handle everything you or your customers throw us. And more. See our work and our results - then try us yourself.

We are always looking for good copywriters, designers, web strategist, account managers and even for financial director. Do you think you are right one for us - join us, write us a CV and send it to agency@arih.si.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence